Ways to make money online with your Blog


Blogging is a very nice way of making money online. Many people tried creating a blog, and some of them became successful. There so many reasons why people want to make money online. Below are some reasons why they want to build a blog and start making money from it:

  • To have extra income to pay their bills on credit card
  • To help pay the house bills
  • To buy a product for their buy and sell business
  • To have a financial freedom
  • To earn extra aside from their day job

Whatever the reason is, people are always trying to make money online. But most of these people fail because they give up early. They’ll start a blog and start building traffic in it. Then if they don’t see fast improvements, they give up. They just go back to the life that they have before and just forget to make money online.

The truth on making money from the internet is that you need to build community in your blog. You need to start finding readers on it. You need to find your audience and the niche that you want. You need to put a little more effort on blogging


If you do all of this, I’m sure that little by little you’ll earn the money that you are dreaming of. There are a lot of people here in my country that makes money online by just Blogging from their home. Some of them are full-time bloggers, and some of them are part-time only. And some of the part time bloggers here are earning more by blogging than their day job.

Traffic of blog plays a very important role in making money through blogging. The higher the traffic you have, the bigger earnings you’ll earn. So the essential thing that a blogger should do to make traffic online is to get traffic on their blog. To get traffic on your blog is not hard. You just need to have the discipline on doing the things that you need to do as a blogger.

To get traffic on your blog, you need to plan, organize and be consistent on the things that you need to do on blogging. Below are things that would help to become a successful blogger. These are the things that a successful blogger do:

1. Publish great content on your blog – If you’re blogging for years, I’m sure that you have heard this phrase many times, “Content is King”. Most of the bloggers who blog about “blog or to get traffic on your blog” always says that phrase. And you know it is super right! If you do have great content on your blog, people will search for your blog. Sometimes they will find your name as well if you do have compelling content on your blog.

Content Management System Cms WordPress Blog Post

2. Bit size your long blog post – If you are posting blog posts that have 1000 plus words per article, then you need to bite size it to make your reader’s experience pleasant. It is tiring to read an article with so much text and nothing but texts. The technique here is to break your posts using images and bold texts.

Images – It’s really good to read a blog with visuals. If you write on your blog 3000 plus words per article, your readers will not notice that they’re reading thousands of words if you provide images. Plus, they will entertain while reading your blog post. Therefore, they will not be bored on reading your blog post even if your blog topic is serious that can make a reader bored.

Bold texts – Most of the visitors who visits your blog is searching for something. What they usually do is the glance at the entire post and if they find it useful, bookmark it and start reading it. Breaking your entire blog post using bold text on each topic that you convey will make your readers read your blog. Take advantage of it.

3. Enjoy commenting and replying on comments – Commenting on blogs is fun. Leaving your opinion in a blog post benefits both reader and author. The author will have the idea on what are the readers thinking about their post. Therefore, he’ll know what his audience like. The reader will learn something from the author and has the chance to ask what he wants to know.

Those three are the basic things that you need to do to get traffic on your blog. Implement it well, be disciplined and be consistent on doing these three to get traffic on your blog. It will take time. Getting traffic on your blog will not happen overnight. Don’t give up you will also achieve what the successful bloggers achieved because everyone has the potential on being successful!

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