Tips On How To Guest Post On a Blog


The best way to get traffic on your blog is to build like in it. And the most powerful technique for building link on your blog is guest posting. On guest posting, you can put anchor text on your backlink, write how many numbers of words you want, insert images, add your author bio, etc. If you’re wondering how to do it, this article is for you.

Below are the things you need to consider on guest posting:

Search for the right blog

Blog post

This is done by analyzing the link popularity of the blog that you want to guest post. There are a lot of sites today that offer tools for analyzing link popularity of a website or blog. Make use of them and carefully choose the right blog that you want.

Build relationship with the webmaster

web master

Once you’ve picked the right blog to guest post, start building the relationship with the webmaster. Like his pages, retweet and share his updates, visit his site regularly and leave insightful comments. If you want your post to be published on a blog, you have to gain favor from the webmaster. Therefore, you should earn it.

Make the best post you can

When your post is published on a blog, then that is the time you’ve accomplished your mission. But there are quite a few things you have to consider on creating your guest post which the webmaster is the only one who’s in control.


  • Post length and quality – Too short and too long blog post are bad. In creating your guest post, you should get direct to the point. Your post should be informative and entertain so give your best shot on creating an excellent post.
  • Links inside your created guest post – Relevant links are the most important links that you should link to a blog or else your guest post might not get published. You have to use only relevant links on your guest post to direct the author’s readers into your blog. Too many links are not advised.
  • The topic of the guest post – It should also be related to the topic of the blog that you want to guest post to. It should also be unique. Copywriting is a good thing to do in guest posting but avoid published the guest post that is already on the blog of the author. Make that guest post unique, informative and useful.
  • Your blog or website’s topic – The webmaster also investigate on the links that you link to. Therefore, you should also build the best content in your blog.

Those are the things that you need to do to get a guest post published on a blog. Start searching for the right blog now and start building good quality links on your blog. If you want to promote your blog but don’t know much about SEO, then guest posting would be the best option for you to make.

Just a little knowledge of SEO would be useful but don’t overuse it. Search engines today don’t depend on keyword density of a website or blog; they look more on link popularity and quality content.


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