How To Get 500 Unique Visitors On Your Blog Per Day


First,  you start a blog. Then you start writing in it. Then you start having your first visitor. Then you target to get more visitors. As time goes by you’ll want to have more and more visitors. From 10 unique visitors per day, you have reached the 50 visitors per day benchmark. Then 100 and now you’re looking for ways on how to get 500 unique visitors per day. But the question is how?


Keep writing great content on your blog

If you have achieved the 100 unique visitors per day, I’m sure that you can also reach the 500 unique visitors per day benchmark. This is where most bloggers fail. 500 unique visitors per day would be the ideal visitors that a blog must have to start earning money from it.

Although the earnings are not that big, it is still the starting point of earning money from a blog, and every successful blog went there before. Bloggers should always keep writing good stuff on their blog to make it live in the following years to come.

Stop writing for search engine, start writing for human

Stop overdoing the search engine strategy, it’ll just stress you on writing great content on your blog, and it’ll also stop you on your freedom to express what you want to write. Your audience is the most important thing in your blog. They’ll give the lifeblood on your blog to rank well in search engines. How?

People who are amazed in your post will most likely share it on social networking sites. That will benefit your blog. You’ll gain popularity to other people, and you’ll have a better ranking. If someone shares a post of you on the social network, it’ll create a backlink to your blog. The search engines will love that back link, and that search engines will start to love your blog.


So that’s the biggest secret of blogging mainly on targeting 500 unique visitors per day. Keep fresh content on your blog. If you can post on a daily basis, then it would be an advantage too. But if you can’t, that’s okay, just relax and create the best post that you can. They are a lot of blogs that doesn’t rank well in search engines, but with the help of the people who liked its content, it ranked well.

Here’s a great example, blog about celebrity news. A blogger writes blog posts without worrying about the search terms. The blogger then shares the post on a social networking site. Because it is a celebrity blog, it’ll automatically create controversy to readers. The reader will then start sharing the post. Then a reader again will share it. The cycle goes on and on until the blog ranks well in search engines.

Spend money for fast traffic

Do you have a great blog post? Do you think people will share that post? The best post if you’re going to spend money on advertising is a job that will make a reader share it. That should be your ultimate goal you’re going to spend money on advertising a page.

Create a moderate controversy

People want to share controversial stories. These kinds of stories should be the topic that you write if you want to have massive traffic on your blog. But of course, you need to moderate what you write. Always refer to the blogger’s rules on blogging. Be responsible for what you write and don’t just write something that will soon destroy your reputation as a blogger. Write controversial posts, but be careful, okay?

That are the things that you need to consider to have 500 unique visitors per day on your blog. Stay updated with more blog posts like this one.


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