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Flickr is a photo sharing website. It also considered as social networking website because users can interact with each other and can share their thoughts about a photo shared on this site. That’s why; adding a Flickr social networking icon to your blog can increase your blog traffic when you allow your visitors to share the photo that you published in your blog to their Flickr account. Adding this free social networking icon to your blog is a good decision to make if photos are necessary to your blog.

Adding social buttons to Blogger blog can increase your blog traffic. Especially these social networking buttons for Blogger blog are visible and can easily found on your blog. Your visitors should see these buttons easily so that they can share your article more easily. They can also subscribe to your blog easily if you just let them.

What are the things that social networking icons can bring to your blog?

There are plenty. First, it’ll make your blog grow its readership because many people would be able to read your blog. Second, it’ll increase your blog’s backlink when people like your post. Therefore if you have a lot of backlinks to your blog, it’ll increase its search engine ranking. And because it increases search engine ranking, it’ll be indexed by search engine easily.Socialmedia

Adding free social media icons to your blog can make your blog popular. If your post is very helpful and the readers like it and share it with their friends, you’ll become popular. Visitors and readers will start to search for your name on the internet looking for your latest updates. They will also most likely use social bookmarking icons to your blog to save your article and read it more often if it requires the extended sitting period to know.
Flickr is one of the most amazing websites on the internet today. Almost everyone with the fantastic camera has an account on Flickr to share their captured photos. Most of these people have blogs also so that they can post a blog post with the pictures that they’ve captured. That’s why social networking icons for the website like this one is necessary for them.

How to add this social networking button for Blogger blog?

If you want to add this free social networking icon of Flickr to your blog, you can do it by yourself. The first thing that you have to do is to upload this free social media icon to your Photobucket account. Of course, you need to sign up for Photobucket account if you don’t have it yet.

When you already uploaded this free social networking button for your Blogger blog, the next thing that you need to do is to add a gadget to the layout section of Blogger interface. Choose the HTML/Javascript gadget. Then you should add this code below. Just change this links.

After you add this code to the gadget that you added, you were done. The icon of social bookmarking for Blogger blog to your Flickr will add. Therefore readers will easily share the photos that you’ll share to your Blog.

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