19 Tips On How to Make your Own Blog


Looking for ways on how to make your blog better? Do you want to make a better blog but don’t know where to start to? This list will help you on how to make your blog improve.

1. Get a domain name

For better branding, you should get your domain name. Stop relying on a subdomain, buy your domain and start building your brand.

2. Use keywords in your domain name

Search engines will be glad to rank your blog if it has the keyword that you want to rank high for your domain name.


3. Install self-hosted blog

WordPress.org is the most common blog that bloggers use. Install it and direct your domain name to it. This will also give you the access to use thousands of plug-ins that you want in your blog.

Web Hosting

4. Think out of the box for your blog name and brand

There are so many blogs that have the same topic, brand, and style. Think about how to be unique to them.

Blog Name and brand

5. Focus on one topic

If you have a lot of topics on your blog, it will take a lot of time to build your blog brand. Be focused on a single or only one topic. This will attract more visitors to your blog and at the same time will make your blog better.

Focus on Topic

6. Publish only excellent articles

Give all you can give on writing your articles. If you need to build a blog post that has valuable information, save it and don’t publish it right away. It will be a killer article that would make your readers shares it.


7. Create a catchy and attention grabber title

In each blog post, write attention grabber titles for it like how-to and top-list. Readers love these kinds of articles. It’s usual. Most readers are searching for this kind of articles.

8. Add related posts at the end of each of your blog posts

Readers will crave for more of your articles if they want what you write. Offer them related posts at the end of your articles. This will increase your page views and will make your readers satisfied.

Related Posts

9. Get rid of that comment spammers

If you’re on WordPress.org, activate Akismet. It will save a lot of your time and will protect your blog for comment spammers if you activate it. Be a spam hater!


10. Stay focused

Relax! It will take time. Don’t blog too much. Just stay focused on what you are blogging about. Don’t jump from one topic to another. This will confuse both search engine and your readers. Keep your topic still. This is an important thing on how to make your blog better.


11. Use secure username and password for your blog

Blogging takes time and sometimes it takes years before you earn on that blog. Therefore, use the strongest username and password for your blog to avoid it to be hacked. Your efforts will be void if your blog will be stolen so build a strong barrier. Build a strong password for it.

Username and Password

12. Use premium theme instead of a free one

Premium themes offer more options. This is another great way on how to make your blog better. There are thousands of free themes that you can use for your blog. Therefore, thousands of blogger are using it too. Be unique and use premium themes for your blog.

Premium Theme

13. Be consistent on building your brand

There are thousands of blog that have been changing their blog from time to time. Stand out and don’t be one of them. Build a better brand for your blog and be consistent on it. It is hard to be consistent on branding your blog, but it is possible. Be still!

14. Burn your feed and publicize it

Burning your feed alone will not build readership on your blog. You need to work on it. Offer RSS feed and email subscriptions on your blog to make your readers subscribe to it. This way, you’re going to keep that first time visitor to a loyal reader of your blog.


15. Offer email subscription

Email is one of the most used on the internet today. Almost 9 of 10 has an active email account. Offer subscription on your blog using email. A lot of readers don’t know what feed subscription is, so offer the best option for them, use email subscription on your blog.

Email subscribe

16. Offer your readers blog comment subscription

When a reader comments on your blog, he might want to monitor who is going to reply to that comment. So offer your readers comment subscription so that they will be able to go back to your blog and leave a comment again.

17. Use Google Analytics

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account yet, sign up now and take advantage of monitoring your blog traffic. This will allow you to study the flow of your blog so that you’re aware on how your traffic grows.

18. Create sitemap for your blog

A sitemap will allow search engines to crawl and find your blog archives more easily. Create a sitemap for your blog, and it’s one of the best ways on how to make your blog better.

19. Make your blog easy to scan

Most of the visitors on a website or blog only browse its content. Make it easier for them to scan your blog by using sub-headings, direct to the point paragraphs, numbered or lists in bullets.

Blog Scan

Those are some of the best tips that you can implement to make your blog better. Subscribe for more updates.

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